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Where can you find Washington DC baby Onesies? We have them.

We printed off some of these DC sunset Flag One-piece baby tees a couple months ago and they were a huge hit. So, they're back. This time we printed our classic DC flag skyline "Sunset" flag design on an organic Made in the USA One-piece Onesie. We have them in black and white and check out our etsy shop if you are looking for our other Washington DC designs on kids and baby clothes. 
Washington DC baby shirt Onesies
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The 5 People You'll Hate On The D.C. Metro

If you've ever ridden on the D.C. Metro, then you know the struggle. Hence the reason for a Twitter account called Unsuck DC Metro. Between delays and overcrowded trains the experience can often be described as miserable. And that doesn't even take into account some of the people you'll find on the train.
Our buddy Jason Carlos (@jlos_ on Twitter) put together the video above with 5 people you'll see -- and hate -- on the Metro. Check it out. I'm sure you can relate, we've all been there. And make sure to Subscribe to his youtube channel for other funny videos like this gem
If you've got other "metro people" you hate to run into on the train, let us know in the comments below!
And if you are feeling the DC Sunset Flag Shirt in the video, you can grab one here.
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Sneekis Appears In Fall Issue of Façon Magazine For Their Streetwear Selection

Sneekis is very happy to announce that we are appearing in our very first magazine!!
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New Painted DC flag Long Sleeve Tee now Available in our store.

DC basbeall Flag shirt

We've been updating our site with some new products including this new Long Sleeve Navy DC flag shirt. Let us know what you think. Great for Nats season coming up or just showing DC pride wherever you are. Check it out here.

New DC flag shirt


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