Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is a Sneekis and how do you pronounce it? 

  • Sneekis is pronounced just like sneaky but plural... Sneak·y·s. The name came from the hybrid of Sneaky Neeki, one of the many nicknames my wife has given to Neeki, our adopted border collie. The sneaky part comes from her sneakily stealing cheese off the counter and pizza off the plates of unsuspecting house guests. Somehow the name became our company name.

    How do your shirts fit and what material are they? 

    • The fit of any piece of clothing is going to be a very personal opinion. Our shirts fit true to size and suggest you order the size you would normally wear, unless otherwise noted in the product description. The material of our shirts vary depending on the overall design aesthetic of the shirt, available colors and printing techniques, but mostly we print on 50/50, Triblend and 100% cotton tees. Sizing, material and other important information are listed in the product descriptions. 
    How do I exchange something I ordered? 

    Can I purchase/pickup in person? 

    • At this point in time we operate primarily as an online store. However, we do set up at several festivals/events throughout the year and broadcast those across our social media platforms. We would love to meet you! 

    Can I have a discount? 

    • We generally don’t give out discounts but, if you sign up for our newsletter we occasionally send out sales on some designs or for special occasions. 
    Can you make me a custom shirt? 

    Do you make Kids or Baby tees? 

    For everything else, check out our Store Policy page or shoot us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!