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New 'Virginia is for Mountains' Tees

Whether your hiking the Appalachian trail, exploring the iconic Blue Ridge or taking a cruise through the Shenandoah National Park, there is one thing we all can agree on -Virginia is for Mountains. Make sure you grab one of our super soft tees on your next Virginian adventure. We have them in both men's and women's styles. 
Virginia is for Mountains

Men's Tee

Women's Tee

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Order through Monday...Get your order for Christmas 2016.

Personally, I've only bought one gift so far this year. Luckily I never have to worry since my wife takes care of most of the gift buying. But we totally get how it feels to be gift shopping at the last minute, wondering if you order something online will it make it in time and how much extra will they charge me for shipping.

Well, we are shipping through Monday. Actually through Tuesday. But Tuesday gets tricky and depends on when you order and if we get it in the mail on time. So please, please, please order by Monday. If you order by Monday you will receive your shirt before Christmas. We also won't charge you an arm and a leg to get it there in time.We'll even upgrade to priority mail (for free) to get it to your doorstep as quickly as possible. 

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New "There Will Be Pizza" Shop

There Will Be Pizza T-shirt
We love making art but sometimes that art doesn't always fit with the theme of So we decided to go ahead and move some of our other designs to a new etsy shop. That way we don't overly clutter our current shop with stuff everyone may not be interested in. 
Just in case you want to order from the new shop, we made a code for all sneekis customers for free shipping. Just used the code "Sneekis" at the etsy checkout and you'll get shipping on us. 
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New Washington DC Glory Years Kids t-shirt

We have some brand new DC glory years kids tees over in our etsy shop in the Washington DC kid shirt section. We got them in heather black and grey and went with a slightly deeper rust-like Burgundy color than the last batch of adult Glory years tees we got.

We really like how these turned out so we'll keep using these colors on all the future versions of this design. We'll get more of the adult version in before the holidays to help with all your Washington DC gift giving.

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New Washington DC kids T-shirts

We recently did a promo with the Kid friendly DC blog and some of their great blog readers gave us feedback on what they’d like to see on kids shirts. We actually were a little hesitant when it comes to kids stuff. Like Daymond John said on Shark tank, Kids stuff is a hard sell.  All kids want is jersey’s of their favorite player. True. But us "grownups" love buying clothes for our kids that match what we are wearing.

So we decided to do it anyway.

So check out our Washington DC Sunset Flag kids shirts. And here are the Born to Love kids shirts. We’ll have more so keep coming back and checking. Or sign up to our newsletter and get updates of products.

Feel free to comment on what else you'd like to see.

Washington DC sunset Flag Kids shirtVirginia Kids shirts


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The DC Coffee Flag tee is back.

DC Flag + Coffee equals a great t-shirt. We've been asked to bring this one back for some time now and we finally did. Also if this isn't enough Washington DC and Coffee for you check out caffeinatethecapital on Instagram or their new site District of Coffee.

Washington Dc flag coffee shirt


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The holidays are coming...


The holidays are coming and we aren’t making the same mistake we made last year. Last year, we ran on the premise that we should just let our shirts sell down so we don't carry too much stock over to the next year. To some degree it worked. We sold out of most of our shirts and we had very little stock going into 2016. Great, right?

The problem is we also had emails that went something like, “Hey, I really want that cool Washington DC shirt to give as a gift for my [brother, husband, sister or wife]. People tweeted us, “Why are you sold out of everything.”

So that’s not happening again this year. All summer we have been stocking up just for the final two months of the year. So hopefully you find a Washington DC or Virginia gift for Christmas. If not, we tried.

If you are looking for some unique Washington DC gifts or Virginia t-shirts here is where you can find most things on our site or our etsy shop.

Washington DC themed t-shirts

Virginia t-Shirts

Most of out DC baby tees and our short sleeve DC sunset Flag Onesie

Washington DC kids shirt

We also have a few Virginia Kids tees

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Our New Etsy Sale section

Some of you may notice we don’t do a ton of sales on our DC & Virginia tees and hats. But we also know some of you may want a deal now and then. After all, the Washington DC Metro area isn’t exactly cheap to live in. So check out our Etsy shop and head over to the “sale” section. These are all retired designs and most are Washington DC themed. The shirts are still made in the USA, high quality printing, and will be packed with care just like every other order. You get a deal, and we get to make room for some new stuff!


Cheap Washington DC shirts

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1924 Washington Walk Off Video

Yesterday, I came across this reddit post of the first Post season walk off on film and it was of the 1924 World Series. Here's the image the post was about:

First postseason walk-off on film (1924 World Series, Giants vs. Senators)

The extra cool thing was someone deep in the post posted some highlights from the game 7 victory by the Senators.

I thought this was all especially cool since this was the history that our shirt was based. So check those out here as well (shameless Plug):
Washington Nationals 1924 shirtWashington DC nationals 1924 shirt

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Where can you find Washington DC baby Onesies? We have them.

We printed off some of these DC sunset Flag One-piece baby tees a couple months ago and they were a huge hit. So, they're back. This time we printed our classic DC flag skyline "Sunset" flag design on an organic Made in the USA One-piece Onesie. We have them in black and white and check out our etsy shop if you are looking for our other Washington DC designs on kids and baby clothes. 
Washington DC baby shirt Onesies
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