Tips For Your First Trip To Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Tips For Your First Trip To Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Photo by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

I haven’t been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in years so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We have two young children who are five and under. Would there be rides for them? Do they let you bring in food and water? Can I bring my stroller?

Here’s a few of the tips I learned from our first trip:

1. Rent a stroller before you enter the park. After you get off the shuttle you will see the electronic ticket machines. Just walk past those and on the left will be a little shop where you can rent strollers. They are $35 and aren’t great for carrying your stuff but your kids will be happy. Yes, you can bring your own strollers. Personally I didn’t want to stuff mine in my car and if you lose their stroller in the park there is no extra charge (I asked).

2. There are plenty of rides for kids. In the beginning we went to Sesame Street Forest of Fun. There is a little playground to get them started and a lot of beginner rides. My kids also got to see Ernie, Grover, and The Grouch. One tip: if you hate crowds avoid this area in the beginning but still stop by and see the characters. Later in the day it was less crowded but it seemed the characters had retired by then.

3. Lastly, bring snack. I know the website says no outside food but they don’t really check or care. Don’t try to bring in a huge cooler but bring some fruit and dry foods for them in a backpack. You can get free tap water everywhere if you don’t want to lug around water bottles. Bottle water can get really expensive so avoid that.

So, there you have it. A beginners tips for your first Williamsburg trip. My kids loved it. It was a giant playground to them. Have fun.

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