New DC District Basketball Design

One of our three new winter designs was released a few weeks ago and we’ve already sold out of some of the long sleeve and sweatshirt sizes (both are limited offerings). We only did a test run on them for now.
The design process was really the first time I set out to do specifically a t-shirt design. Normally, I just start out with some general sketches and some turn into some personal art and others become something for
This was a little different. In fact, the basic sketch originally only consisted of the monument and a ball (it just looked like some scribbles). Most of the design was developed on the computer. Again something totally different for me.
I ended up incorporating the cherry blossoms around the basketball to sort of enclose and finish off the design. I think it came out pretty well, and I love the details of the texture the printer was able to achieve for us.

District Basketball Tee from

 DC basketball t-shirt from Sneeki-ts

We may make a run with some more tees. One of our Instagram buddies actually suggested it and I was sitting at home thinking of some color combination that make look good. Here are a couple potential designs. I really like the subtle look.

District of Columbia Basketball Tee from

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