The Most Popular DC Athlete, According to Twitter Followers

The Truth is, people kind of like Paul Pierce

When the Washington Wizards agreed to a two year deal with veteran Paul Pierce, they weren't only getting a sure-fire future hall-of-famer to help replace the loss of Trevor Ariza, they were getting a guy who is pretty popular on Twitter.

How popular? 3.17 million followers (at the time of this post) popular.

You would think that with the amount of young stars and superstars that DC currently has -- Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper, Alex Ovechkin, and John Wall to name a few -- that they would be leading the charge on Twitter.

Turns out a 36 year old takes the crown.

According to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, "Paul Pierce has more Twitter followers than RGIII, Ovechkin, and Harper combined." Check out the chart from his Bog Post below:

Chart via Washington Post

Certainly there is a lot that goes into this. Pierce has played 16 seasons in his sport as compared to say 6 total seasons behind DC's 2nd and 3rd most followed athletes in Wall and Griffin III. The Truth has also played in two popular cities in Boston and Brooklyn, where as Wall and RGIII have obviously only played their brief careers in Washington DC.

What do you guys think? Do you think Robert or John can pass Paul in the next year? Two years? If I know my DC area sports fans, I wouldn't be surprised to see this chart updated at some point with Robert Griffin III at the top, and with John Wall hot on his tail.

But for now, it's a 36 year old new DC resident that is running the Twitter game.


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