Our Eastern Market Visit

It's no secret that we don't do many events. They are time consuming and simply a lot of work. Between working full time gigs and spending most of our free time trying to improve SNEEKIS.com we rarely get the opportunity to set up anywhere. The Flea Market at Eastern Market is one event that we've had on our radar for awhile now and finally got to set up there last weekend.

The Flea Market was great! It definitely lived up to its strong reputation of being one of the top Flea Markets in the nation. They have an eclectic selection of products from all sorts of vendors and even a few other t-shirt companies. If you cant find what you are looking for here, than good luck finding it. Personally my wife and I had a great time meeting everyone and just hanging out in DC on a beautiful Sunday. We even got to meet a few of our Twitter and Instagram friends, which was awesome.

We definitely want to thank Vernon and David for managing such a great event. If you missed us this time, don't worry, we are planning on setting up again on August 17th. Come say hi! For a recap of the day check out some of the photos below from the talented Eliezer Lee.






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