Designing the 'Capital Vampire' tee

One of the first few shirts we made available to the public was our Capital Vampire tee.The design has been with us almost as long as we have been up and running.
We have recently received a lot of questions about the shirt in general, and in particular some of the design elements. The recent interest can likely be attributed to a combination of our wonderful fans via word of mouth, a greater community appearance as we have been attending Eastern Market, and the fact that the football regular season is right around the corner.
Either way, we appreciate the inquiries and wanted to share with you some of our inspirations for the artwork.
We are big fans of shows such as True Blood and The Walking Dead, and basically anything that has to do with zombies or vampires. That probably stems from our excessive comic book collecting as kids. We were looking for a way to combine some of the vampire and comic book elements with sports and thanks to Pierre Garçon's most excellent mouthpiece we found our inspiration. While studying at George Mason University my brother (the other half of Sneekis) starting developing a pretty unique style of combining hand sketching and painting with digital artwork through Illustrator. You combine all those factors and thats how we came up with the graphic. 
    We now offer the shirt in a few different color variations and in both men's and women's styles. Its definitely one of our all time favorites. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about it. 
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