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Anyone that designs and makes consumable goods knows how hard it is to keep everything made in the USA. It's no secret that manufacturing overseas is substantially cheaper.

At Sneekis we've taken a strong stance on keeping as much of our manufacturing needs in the America as possible. Currently 95% of the items we sell are made in it's entirety in the good old United States of America. The remaining 5% are things that we just cannot find in the USA. However, our goal is to be 100% completely made in the USA sooner rather than later. 

We wanted to share with you a little insight into our process, so here is how we make everything in the USA... 
Whether it's hand drawn concepts, computer designs, or a combination of both, all the design work is done in house by us. Most of our tees and hoodies are printed on American Apparel blanks. American Apparel is one of the largest apparel manufacturers based in the United States. They currently employ over 11,000 people in the America, oh, and they just happen to make some of the highest quality tees on the market. A few of our designs are printed on Royal Apparel shirts, which is another company that is USA-made. All our screen printing needs are now outsourced to Clockwise Tees. They freaking rock and we couldn't be happier with the quality work they provide us with. If you need something printed, call them! 
Our goal is to always keep everything made in the USA while keeping our prices as affordable for our fans and the quality of our products top notch. From design, to products, to printing, we always have you, the consumer in mind. If you happen to have a question about our process that we didn't cover here, please reach out. We love hearing from our fans! 

 USA vs the World


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