Sneekis Appears In Fall Issue of Façon Magazine For Their Streetwear Selection

Sneekis is very happy to announce that we are appearing in our very first magazine!!
Façon Magazine, based out of Washington DC, is an emerging voice in the fashion industry and we are lucky enough to be included in their upcoming Streetwear Fall Issue. If you haven't heard of them yet, here's some details about their company:
Façon Magazine is the voice of emerging fashion. This online magazine, produced quarterly, features the best in emerging fashion design and the emerging creative arts from around the world. Our goal is to highlight the up and coming creative talent around the globe. Our web site is a daily dose of what’s new in emerging fashion, emerging arts, style features, interviews, etc. We also launching a weekly newsletter, Iconoclasm, where we curate our favorites of the week with links to where you can buy merchandise.
They have been around since 2011 and continue to reach an ever growing audience. Their previous Summer 2014 Issue even featured former Wizards player Chris Singleton as a model.
For the current fall issue, Streetwear: How We Rock It , the magazine celebrates the best of the best in streetwear.
This is where Sneekis comes in to play. We were fortunate enough to land in the 15 best streetwear brands that they selected. We sent them some of our gear for a photoshoot, and they used our Women's DC Football Flag Sweatshirt for the final print.

We're very happy to have been featured in their latest issue, and hopefully it's not the last magazine appearance for us! So make sure to check out their latest issue and give them a follow if you are into the fashion thing.


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