We Made A Hat!

Well... we finally made our first hat! Its something we've been wanting to do for some time now and something our fans have been asking for too. To be honest, we just didn't know where to start and who to ask. Designing and making a hat is totally different than making a T-shirt  and its something we just didn't have any experience with. 
We made a few early decisions that helped get us started. The first thing being, that the hat had to be totally made in the USA. This was one of the toughest constraints we set for ourselves, but turned out to be the best decisions we could've made. We took our time in doing our research and searching for high quality custom hat manufacturers in the USA. However, after a couple months things started looking pretty bleak. I guess finding quality apparel manufacturing is harder then we were expecting. 
Luckily, one night I stumbled across CustomSnapbacks.com. They are based in the USA, have a professional well organized website and a portfolio that was in line with our design goals. Could this be true? I emailed them with a brief description of what we were looking for and then went to sleep. To my surprise, when I woke up I had already received an email from Mark Harsley, the CEO of Custom Snapbacks. He expressed his interest in my unique request and said he would be in touch with a quote after sourcing some manufacturers and materials. From that moment on, Mark and his team made the process super easy and efficient. Within days I had a design template outlining the complete specifications of our design; everything from pantone colors to material specifications. 

After we approved the design template, Mark and his team got to work; cutting and sewing our prototype together from completely raw materials. Within a few weeks we had our first totally custom hat in hand and the best part being nothing was made in China... Awesome!!! 

Since receiving the prototype we have put in a order for about 60 hats. Now we are offering a chance to all our fans to be the first in line to receive one. You can put in your pre-order by clicking on one of the images below or visiting our homepage. In the meantime, leave us a comment and tell us what you think about our first hat. 
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