Sneeki Works: Capital Cola

With the Capitals locking up the Southeast Division last night, we thought it was a good time to show everyone a little bit of our design process. Here are a just a few of the painstaking steps we take with each and everyone of our Tees.


Step 1: Concept

Coming up with a concept may very well be the toughest part of executing a killer design. In the case of our 'Capital Cola' design the concept came to us one night as I was watching DC's beloved Capitals. I just so happened to be enjoying some cold beverages during the game and it dawned on me; how about combining the two?

Step 2: Execution

At Sneekis we use various techniques to create our graphics. For our 'Capital Cola' design we decided to use 3D modeling to create the initial image. Once we had the 3D view set we converted it to a more conventional 2d vector based graphic for final line work and illustrating.



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