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We get a lot of great feedback from customers but we currently don't have a way to convey that on our site. We know there are some options out there - we will talk about those in a minute.
First we wanted to let you know there is a place you can see sneekis 5-star reviews. Check them out here on our etsy shop. We've had over 240 reviews and just about everyone has been positive.
These reviews are totally unbiased and unfiltered and we have no power to edit them.
Here's some highlights: reviews

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So why don't we have reviews like this on our website? Honestly, we have considered putting reviews on our website for years. There are some obvious reasons to include them. First, we would like to let people know we are a legit small company and so people who dig our stuff know they will get their shirt (you will!). Over the years, we have also had great customer service and a relaxed return policy. I think most people who have emailed us any concerns in the past can attest to that.

There are really two reasons we do't have reviews on our website. The primary reason is cost. Did you know plugging in a application to allow people to write reviews costs money? In fact, it's a monthly fee and will end up costing us thousands over time.Or we could hire a developer. Again, you can imagine how much this would cost. 

The second reason is that, truthfully, the reviews other online sites offer are mostly biased and skewed. The applications they use allow them to exclude negative reviews. So much for transparency. Even if we claimed they were totally unbiased, there is no way potential customers could know this for sure.

Etsy is a third party. They don't let us control reviews and you can see unbiased opinions from real people who buy our shirts. Granted many people just leave five stars (and that's nice to see) but people also leave great comments. So check out our reviews, ask us questions, and then feel good about buying a shirt. We know you will love it. reviews


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