Teddy Punches Washington T-shirt

Teddy Punches Roosevelt Punches George Washington tshirt
We were sitting around watching the modern day rendition of Teddy in the National's President's race one day and wondered, now what if Teddy really raced Washington? What would he do? Would he put up with dear ol' Georgie's shenanigans? No, we really don't think so. Teddy was a manly man. He'd of knocked the wig right off ol' George's head. Or the teeth our of his mouth (in this case).
So here is a design we've had in the works for some time but never quite got around to finishing. The Teddy Punches Washington shirt, or the Teddy fights back tee, or whatever you'd like to call it. Perfect if you just love Theodore, or if you love history, or if you ever just wondered what would happen if these two men ever met.
Don't get us wrong, we know Washington will not stand for this. We're sure he has a mean left.
Thanks to Carl Farmer for bringing our newest tee to life for us.

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