The holidays are coming...


The holidays are coming and we aren’t making the same mistake we made last year. Last year, we ran on the premise that we should just let our shirts sell down so we don't carry too much stock over to the next year. To some degree it worked. We sold out of most of our shirts and we had very little stock going into 2016. Great, right?

The problem is we also had emails that went something like, “Hey, I really want that cool Washington DC shirt to give as a gift for my [brother, husband, sister or wife]. People tweeted us, “Why are you sold out of everything.”

So that’s not happening again this year. All summer we have been stocking up just for the final two months of the year. So hopefully you find a Washington DC or Virginia gift for Christmas. If not, we tried.

If you are looking for some unique Washington DC gifts or Virginia t-shirts here is where you can find most things on our site or our etsy shop.

Washington DC themed t-shirts

Virginia t-Shirts

Most of out DC baby tees and our short sleeve DC sunset Flag Onesie

Washington DC kids shirt

We also have a few Virginia Kids tees

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