New Virginia Script Hats - 100% made in the USA!!!

New Virginia Script Hats - 100% made in the USA!!!

We are back at it again! After a short hiatus from our custom hat manufacturing experience, we've returned! Introducing the Black & Grey Virginia Script Snapback... and thanks to the help from our friends at Custom Snapbacks, this bad boy is 100% custom cut, sewn, and embroidered in the good Ol' USA. That's something our competition can't claim!  

We decided to test out something a little bit different on this one too. We've been wanting to try out the 3D Puff embroidery technique as it creates a very cool sense of depth to the design. Once again the guys at Custom Snapbacks really nailed it. The embroidery came out exactly as we designed it and the resolution is very crisp. We couldn't be happier! 

 This is a very limited run of hats (no really we only made 12), so if you want one you better grab one before they are all gone. And if you would like to see another one of our designs become a hat, leave us a comment and we will put it on our list. 


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