The Washington DC Flag Tee is back with a few new colors

The Washington DC Flag Tee is back with a few new colors

We've been printing this classic DC Flag Tee for years. In fact, it was one of our first designs. In the early years of Sneekis I was experimenting with paints. I wasn't a painter by any stretch of the imagination - but I did like to use paint in digital designs.

This DC shirt was one of the early designs that made it out and survived until today. There were others - like our old Vampire tee. But the DC Flag shirt took off and still holds up. In fact, I've seen the worn all the way out in the Virginia suburbs and I've shipped quite a few as far as California.

I always wanted to make a Black on White version. I hesitated though. Early on I printed some Red on White tees. I used a white cotton tee and the generally consensus was...blah. So I pretty much quite it on all white shirts.

But these new white shirts are great. They are tri-blend, soft and made in the USA. They are lightweight. They have that thinner triblend feel that I love. Not those bulky boxy thick tees.

Plus, I've really tried to stick with our original ethos of making and printing our tees in the USA. This tee is no different.

So check out the tee here. It's a limited run so get them while they last.

Washington DC Flag Shirt



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